Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2

Anti-cheat: VAC Secured
TAC Secured (Treyarch AntiCheat)
TAC Screenshot Cleaner included

Please note that the cheat is undetected, however you can still be manually banned if you don’t watch your score.

Features Include:


Aimbot (On/Off)
Aimbot Mode (Full/On Zoom/Hard Lock/Hard Lock on Zoom)
Aim Bone (Chest First/Head First/Chest Only/Head Only)
Silent Aim
Auto Fire
Fire Delay
Auto Zoom
Zoom Delay
Aim Key
Aim Angle
Aim Priority (FOV/Distance)
Auto Wall
Aim on Friendly
Aim on Enemy


Triggerbot (On/Off)
Triggerbot Mode (Full/On Zoom)
Fire Delay
Trigger Key
Trigger on Friendly
Trigger on Enemy


ESP (On/Off)
Player Box (Off/2D/2D Brackets/3D/3D Brackets)
Player Skeleton
Player Name
Player Distance
Player Weapon
Player Aim Line
Player Line (Off/Down/Centre/Up/Left/Right)
Grenade Name
Grenade Distance
Grenade Line (Off/Down/Centre/Up/Left/Right)
Item Name
Item Distance
Item Line (Off/Down/Centre/Up/Left/Right)
Show Friendly
Show Enemy


Radar (On/Off)
Show Players
Show Grenades
Show Items
Show Friendly
Show Enemy
Show Window
Show Cross
Show FOV
Show Dot
Radar Size
Radar Range
Dot Size
Centered (On/Off)


No Spread
No Flinch
Rapid Fire
Auto Melee
Crosshair Size
Crosshair Type (Cross/Diagonal Cross)


Enemy Invisible
Enemy Visible
Friendly Invisible
Friendly Visible
Grenade Invisible
Grenade Visible
Item Invisible
Item Visible

Settings (Colours):

Menu Border
Menu Border Shadow
Menu Background
Menu Foreground
Menu Button
Menu Text
Radar Border
Radar Border Shadow
Radar Background
Radar Foreground
Radar Cross
Radar FOV
Radar Dot
Radar Text

Price: £16.99